April 26, 2024

Our feijuca of every Wednesday

… Joga o paio, carne seca, toucinho no caldeirão. E vamos botar água no feijão!
Rua Paulo Gustavo
April 1, 2024

A street called Paulo Gustavo

"Se essa rua, se essa rua, fosse minha…" (If this street, if this street, were mine…). The song from our childhood has already been interpreted by many people. A lot indeed. But it would fit well in the voice of actor Paulo Gustavo. Yes, himself: Paulo Gustavo. And in this case, for several reasons.
Zunido da inovação
February 29, 2024

The buzzing of a bite of innovation

Every Carnival in Brazil, it shines. To date, costumes remain popular across the country. It doesn't mind smoke or fumes, it likes clean water and when it sees the chance of combining heat and rain, it immediately puts its wings out.
February 6, 2024

Henry Ford’s ingenious idea

In the early 1930s, businessman Henry Ford had a problem on his hands: amid a widespread crisis in the USA, fights with cartels and steel rationing, he needed to find an alternative way to continue producing his cars at an affordable price. One of his way out was to look at the countryside, starting from materials such as soy, wheat, corn, and hemp to imagine a car made of “agricultural plastic”. After years of research and financing, Ford introduced the Soybean Car to the public in 1941, a concept car that was a ton lighter than vehicles of the time and, if mass-produced, would help the country save about 10% of its total steel production. And more: the car would run on fuel also generated from burning hemp.