3D Rendering of abstract highway path through digital binary towers in city. Concept of big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, hyper loop, virtual reality, high speed network.

About us

KPTL is the result of the merger between A5 Capital Partners and Inseed Investimentos, two of the most skillful VC firms in Brazil with over 15 years of experience.

Critérios de investimento



  • Strong technological DNA
  • Unique way of doing business
  • Stakeholders’ profile recognition
Artboard 6


  • Solution for a relevant market problem
  • Extensive market potential
Artboard 7


  • Committment
  • Vast market knowledge
  • Multidisciplinarity


  • High entry barrier for new competitors
  • Ongoing innovation
  • Long-term sustainability

Nossa essência é o capital humano

Acreditamos que pessoas são o nosso principal ativo.